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Aisya Abaya in Meteorite

Aisya Abaya in Meteorite

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In celebration of the holy month of Ramadan, we are releasing a special black and white collection that would be the perfect outfits for going to Terawih prayers and Taddarus sessions. We've repeated the designs from the Aisyah 1.0 collection but this time around we're introducing it in black and white because we want you to have monochromatic choices that will make you look good but will also keep you covered and comfortable during religious activities.

White is a sign of purity and devotion, a colour that is practical and ideal for when you need clarity and focus while fulfilling your spiritual needs.

Black is an elegant colour that provides extra coverage so you can conduct your prayers and rituals with confidence and in full comfort.
DISCLAIMER: Bear in mind that all the images are captured in a photography studio with controlled lights from all angle. All the colours adjusted to the most similar possible. The colours might vary from each computer settings / your mobile setting


Shawl will be given based on the availability of material in the colour that will match the abaya the best.


- Matching Shawl
- Embellishments: Black floral lace embroidery on the sleeves and hem.


Nidha material

Care Instructions

Hand wash only

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